The power of stillness

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There is an extraordinary power in stillness; where the everyday and mundane thoughts fade away in the background and a soothing, calm vibration engulfs us. Fears, worries, anxiety, sadness, and all other negative thoughts vanish in the presence of an all embracing peace. This is where creativity begins, ideas present themselves, love flourishes, joy is experienced, and we become ever closer to our true essence. This is where infinite possibilities emerge.The Power of Stillness - 256

Everyone is capable of experiencing stillness, but not many people take advantage of this gift or they don’t have the desire to. Our busy lifestyles keep our mind engaged in different activities throughout the day and thousands of thoughts bombard us from different directions. Without us knowing, we spend most of our energy to process these thoughts and in turn are affected by them. It is important to step away from our busy schedule and daily activities and give ourselves the gift of stillness where we will be able to rejuvenate ourselves and gain more energy for performing our tasks. People who meditate know the importance of stillness and its rejuvenating effects. There are also many studies done on how stillness and meditation can help reverse physical and mental illnesses.

To some people stillness feels like a waste of time. They confuse it with idleness. When we have no motivation to act, we might sit idle and become absent-minded. Idleness and stillness are the complete opposites. One wastes the energy and the other restores it. One weakens the will to act, the other increases it. Idleness encourages feeling powerless and circumstantial whereas the latter allows us to take responsibly for our lives and author it. It is encouraged more and more by consultants working with athletes and top executives for achieving success and higher performance.

ContemplationOne way of bringing stillness to our daily life is through being fully present in the moment and focusing on the blessings and peace within that moment. This practice should be done with closed eyes for optimal result. Bring your attention to your energy system and take deep, rhythmic breaths. It is helpful to set an intention before practicing stillness; perhaps an intention to be fully present and experience an inner joy and carry that joy with us throughout the day.

Stillness keeps us focused on the essentials, and helps us to reflect, be present, regain our being-ness and connect with others in a deep, meaningful way. Practicing as little as 5 minutes every day can create a shift in our consciousness and help us feel better about ourselves and our surroundings and to permeate our moments with joy, peace and harmony.

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  1. Greg

    Hmm stillness and peace and quiet is sometimes one of the hardest things to successfully achieve especially when you have a house full of people but it is so rewarding when you can accomplish it. I love those periods of stillness and quiet. Have to try to get it more often, and you are right on point with this post!

    • Marjon

      Hi Greg,
      I hear what you’re saying and best of luck with finding the time to practice stillness. Thanks for the feedback


    • Marjon

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your feedback. I agree! Stillness is something we need to have more in today’s world!


  2. Tom

    Hi Marjon- Stillness Speaks. Getting this message out to those who are unaware of being present in the moment is a wonderful idea. As Tolle says “read the story slowly and focus on the space between the words” Being present invites peace and presence of mind and as you mention not everyone takes advantage to this practice. And you are right, we take far to much time attaching to thoughts which are not really our own, and which bring us mostly suffering. Great article and site, I will continue to follow your works.


    • Marjon

      Thank you Tom! I like the quote from Eckhart Tolle about the space between the words. And yes, it is in the NOW that we can find peace and connect with our Source. Thank you for visiting my site and for your insightful comment.


  3. geoff-n-jane

    Hi Marjon,
    This is a really beautiful, interesting and informative blog.
    We can definitely relate to the concept of the power of stillness.
    We find ‘stillness’ when we go to the beach and connect with nature.
    Another place to find ‘stillness’ would be in a forest full of trees or in the mountains and alpine pastures full of flowers.
    I have even ‘hugged a tree’ that had suffered from a lot of vandalism from some ignorant people. This particular tree was probably beyond repair, but I felt (at the time) that I wanted to offer it some comfort. Most people, I feel, would think that pretty dumb.
    In any case, one can find stillness pretty much anywhere where the hustle and bustle of the City isn’t present.
    We love to find places such as these, because we love to connect with nature and find inner peace.
    Thank you for a great read.

  4. Lito Arcangel

    I read this chapter from The Heart of Awareness
    a translation of The Ashtavakra Gita
    by Thomas Byrom
    and immediately thought of this blog. 🙂

    11 Stillness

    All things arise,
    Suffer change,
    And pass away.
    This is their nature.
    When you know this,
    Nothing perturbs you,
    Nothing hurts you.
    You become still.
    It is easy.

    God made all things.
    There is only God.
    When you know this,
    Desire melts away.
    Clinging to nothing,
    You become still.

    Sooner or later,
    Fortune or misfortune
    May befall you.
    When you know this,
    You desire nothing,
    You grieve for nothing.
    Subduing the senses,
    You are happy.

    Whatever you do
    Brings joy or sorrow,
    Life or death.
    When you know this,
    You may act freely,
    Without attachment.
    For what is there to accomplish?

    All sorrow comes from fear.
    From nothing else.
    When you know this,
    You become free of it,
    And desire melts away.
    You become happy
    And still.

    “I am not the body,
    Nor is the body mine.
    I am awareness itself”
    When you know this,
    You have no thought
    For what you have done
    Or left undone.
    You become one,
    Perfect and indivisible.

    “I am in all things,
    From Brahma to a blade of grass.”
    When you know this,
    You have no thought
    For success or failure
    Or the mind’s inconstancy.
    You are pure.
    You are still.

    The world with all its wonders
    Is nothing.
    When you know this,
    Desire melts away.
    For you are awareness itself.
    When you know in your heart
    That there is nothing,
    You are still.

  5. admin

    So profound! Thank you for sharing it. It realigns one’s attention and intention. Namaste!

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