Discover your inner wisdom


Have you ever been able to help a friend who is going through a difficult time by offering them your guidance? Has it felt natural to you? Have you noticed how clear you... READ MORE

The art of listening

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One of the challenges many of us face in communication is being present while listening to someone else. Between our minds wandering off or getting ready to respond, we forget to be completely... READ MORE

The power of stillness

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There is an extraordinary power in stillness; where the everyday and mundane thoughts fade away in the background and a soothing, calm vibration engulfs us. Fears, worries, anxiety, sadness, and all other negative... READ MORE

How to be happy again

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I have always been fascinated by subjects about happiness. How can we experience happiness? Clearly happiness means different things to different people, so I only can support my own understanding of happiness. For... READ MORE