9 Steps towards achieving goals

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Do you feel stuck? Are your dreams and goals too big or too far to reach? Do you get overwhelmed even thinking about them? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should read on for there are some good tips here on fulfilling your heart-centered dreams and goals.

In an age of technology where we are bombarded with information, sometimes it is difficult to sort out our goals. Everything seems attractive and we easily get distracted by all the ideas out there. Even if we know what we want, we might have a difficult time focusing on it or don’t know how to go about implementing it successfully. The need for clear guidelines becomes inevitable if we want to be successful.

The following are 9 tips that can help you reach your goals:

Brainstorm ideas related to your goal

Jut down any ideas that come to your mind. At this stage you want to allow any thought to be considered. Don’t worry about how they are presented, just let them flow. This is an important step for this process will allow you to come up with new ideas and remove any possible blocks that prevent you from getting clarity. It is also a good exercise for letting go of fear.

Make a clear goal statement

Writing down your goal, will make it real, energizes it and helps with removing any ambiguities. Get clear on what you want, why you want it, what you are willing to do to get it, and by when do you want it done. Be as specific as possible. The more clear and elaborate your goal is, the more you create the possibility of its success. Use the present tense while writing your goal statement. This brings it to life at this moment instead of keeping it in an unreachable future.

Create a Project Plan

It helps if we treat the process of achieving each goal like a project and as such create a project plan. In the project plan, we need to identify what our goal/project is (this is where the goal statement we created above would go), what is the timeline for accomplishing it and what action steps or tasks are required in order to get there. Do we need to use other resources such as purchasing tools, engaging friends, hiring professionals, renting or purchasing a space, etc.? What is our budget? How important is it to sacrifice the quality along the way? Are we willing
to compromise on any of the dependencies? For example are we willing to expand the time or budget or modify the scope of our goal/project? We then need to set priorities to the tasks on our list, create an action plan and include a deadline for each action step. Are any of the actions depend on the completion of the previous tasks? Can we handle more than one task at a time? And so on. Remember, we cannot be idle and expect for opportunities to knock at our door. We need to actively participate in the process.

Stay Positive

It’s normal at times for us to lose hope, or be discouraged. The important thing is to consciously shift this energy and stay positive. There are many tools that can help us with being more positive such as meditation, affirmations, and vision boards. Remember, our thoughts create; staying positive will bring more positive experiences to our lives.

Keep yourself motivated and disciplined

We all have the ability to motivate and empower ourselves in order to accomplish anything we want, but we also have the ability to give our doubts power and let them run our lives. Have you ever wanted something so bad that no matter what obstacles you faced, you kept going until you got it at the end? Why do you think that is? Clearly, it demonstrates that when we really want something, we find the energy and focus to obtain it and most probably we won’t even bother asking anyone else’s opinion about it. Persistence and discipline combined with motivation are the active ingredients for completing any successful project.

Have an accountability partner

It helps if we support each other through project groups and friends as accountability partners when each member holds other members accountable and vice versa. This is a commitment that we make to ourselves and carry out through the help of the group.

Stay focused

Make sure to stay on the project and resist the temptation to digress. Through a diffused attention and jumping from one incomplete project to another, we deplete our energy and sabotage our success.

Take small steps

Everything starts with small steps. Having the big picture in mind while identifying small tasks and actions that are geared towards our goal, will eventually get us there while keeping the journey pleasant. It is important that we enjoy the process. Each action step is a milestone that gets us closer to our ultimate goal and as such should be treated as a smaller goal.

Try your best and let go

This is a co-creative process . As long as you do your best, trust and stay positive, you will get there through the “Law of Attraction”. Whether you believe in God, higher self, a higher power, or Universe, there is an intelligent source that will guide and help you throughout your efforts.Eastern_tiger_swallowtail_Butterfly (2)

Whenever I give my fears power and tell myself I cannot do something, I become passive and helpless. This attitude doesn’t take me far. The moment I decide to act on the goals I want to achieve, I start having the doors opened and questions answered. This is the same with you. We all have what it takes to be successful. It is important to keep a discipline and move forward with our action plan. Most people who don’t achieve their goals, give up easily or stop in the middle. Remember, taking small and steady steps towards your goals, will eventually get you there.

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8 Responses

  1. Jessica

    Hi Marjon. I really liked this post. I already implement some of these steps in my own goal setting process, but doing it as a step-by-step routine could be just the thing to take my goals to the next level. Thank you for writing this lovely post.

    • Marjon

      Hi Jessica,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you find the step-by-step process outlined in the post helpful. Wish you all the best!

  2. Lobi

    Hi Marjon,
    I’m glad that you posted these steps, as through your coaching and following these guideline, step by step, I was able to finish writing, illustrating, and publishing my first children’s book. Thank you.

    • Marjon

      Hi Lobi,
      Thank you so much. I’m glad they helped you. You’re very talented. Keep up the good work!

  3. Cathy

    You’ve done a very nice job of outlining some important steps for achieving the goals we set for ourselves. I will implement some of these steps in my own endeavors.

  4. Don Randall

    I have been in a very competitive field for most of my career and struggled in the beginning because the demands of daily tasks and deadlines pulled me away from the big picture; I learned that setting more goals helped me to maintain my desired course even when distractions are abound. These ideas you have mentioned are all great; I have heard a lot of good things about the featured author…B. Tracy.

    Don R

    • Marjon

      Hi Don,
      Thank you for sharing your experience regarding setting goals. I also find these steps crucial for staying on track.


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